Bridal Emergency Kit

bridal emergency kit

You can do all the planning in the world but when the day comes you absolutely need to hand over the practical things to your trusted team and focus on looking and feeling fantastic. But what things should you have in your bridal emergency kit for just this purpose?

Bridal Emergency Kit Must-Haves:

Safety pins – yes clothing sadly does rip & tear from time to time and it’s amazing what a safety pin can redeem

Mini deodorant or perfume – for a quick freshen up on a hot day

Nail scissors – in case of “caught” nails and good for removing labels and tags which often stay in dresses and accessories until the last minute

Chewing gum/mints – for a mouth freshener at any time of the day

Tissues –for any spills or teary moments!

Water – make sure you have access to a drink of water until just before the ceremony or just after. In particular, if you’re travelling by car, ensure that the cars have a little bottle of water for you.

And one to leave behind or delegate out: your mobile. You absolutely don’t want those calls about late or lost guests. Ensure they have somebody else to call on your wedding day!


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