Summer Wedding Ideas You Cannot Resist

Summer weddings have been in demand for centuries and it is the peak season for weddings with limited availability for venues and photographers. People have always loved getting married as the sun shone high in the blue sky. Whether you opt for an outdoor wedding or an indoor one with proper ventilation, summer weddings are full of life, laughter, and cheer. And planning is essential so time to research those summer wedding ideas.

From using the brightest of blooms to serving delicious ice cream to the young and old; from have a manicured lawn full of tables or setting it up for a good game of croquet; from arranging boat rides for the guests to have outdoor dinners with starry lights, summer weddings are full of possibilities.

Pile your hair high, decorate it with a flower crown, or rely on the family heirloom comb to dazzle the guests. Go for the fairytale look or let it be beach-themed, traditional, modern, casual, or a mix of everything- choose what you want and watch your dream wedding come true.

With the longest balmy summer evenings peaking in June, it’s prime for time outdoors in the quintessential summer weather. Take a look at some of the coolest summer wedding ideas that are too good to resist.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Theme Summer Wedding Ideas

What kind of wedding do you want? Do you like something totally rural? Hay bales, pompoms, wood tables, country music, and maybe even some horses.

Or, would you like something Victorian? A grand house for a venue, proper gowns, large manicured lawns, dainty umbrellas, and excellent cutlery.

Why not just thrown in a bit of this and that? Of course, contrary to the general opinion, if you want to go for mixed themes, you’ll need to meticulously plan the combinations so that they match to create a cosy and cheerful setting rather than appear like a disjointed attempt.


If you’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding, you’ll get it. Although, make sure there is enough shade for you to stand and exchange your vows without getting burned by the sun. A marquee or gazebo in the middle of a lovely garden should be a perfect choice and is also an essential backup for the unpredictable British weather.

You can also travel to the countryside and book a farm, divide the space into sections for the ceremony, for the guests to explore, for the wedding lunch/ dinner, and a small section for the kids and elders to sit in the shade. Check out the landscape to see where you can get the best pictures. Depending on the time of the wedding, you should calculate the sun’s position in the sky and choose the area wisely. The last thing you want is to squint against the glare.

Food and Drinks

Couple cocktails, mix-your-own-drinks, beer buckets, chilled drinks, etc. are a must-have at a summer wedding. Instead of arranging a full-fledged heavy meal (especially for lunch), set up stalls with easy-to-choose finger foods and desserts. Let guests decide what they want to eat and how much. Set it up like a country fair with more choices of sweets and desserts.

Don’t forget tea with buttery scones, berry preserves, and clotted cream. Tiny cold sandwiches will definitely be welcome. You can opt for a traditional dinner where the guests sit, talk, and dine as the live band plays some melodious music.

Your wedding cake is something that needs attention. Heavy buttercream icing and fondant can get messy in the sun’s heat. Pick naked cakes decorated with fresh fruits. A thin layer of icing will keep the cake moist while the fruits add the necessary freshness and flavour to it. Keep it simple and elegant. Still, keep it away from heat to prevent the cream from melting.


Summer weddings offer various ways to entertain guests. Depending on the venue, you can arrange for easy lawn games, strolls near the river/ lakeside, boat rides, photo booths, decorated arches and doors against a stunning background for guests to take some pictures, and enough chairs in the gazebos or under the wide umbrella for them to simply sit and watch others enjoy. Keep the punches and Primm’s flowing.

Wedding Dress

It’s not just your wedding cake that has to be simple. Your wedding gown too, should be light and fluttering rather than drag behind you. Lightweight lace and linen are two good options. Off-shoulder, spaghetti strips, ankle-length gowns, small or no trains, etc. are some options to think of.

Go for the traditional white or try shades of off-white and cream. Even pastel hues would be lovely. Silver is yet another colour you can pick. If you want something more regal, mix sheer with lace and silk. Tiny sparkling stones can be artfully sewed in to highlight the bodice or the narrow waist. Make sure the stones are not so big that they reflect too much glare.

Summer Wedding Ideas for Flowers and Decorations

If you want an exquisite flower bouquet that smells like magic, go for sweet pea. These tiny blooms come in different shades, be it pastel or bight. Mix them up, thrown in a few English roses, and tie them together with a ribbon. Voila, you have a perfect summer bouquet in your hands.

Don’t forget to arrange small flower baskets with shepherd hooks to add colour and fragrance to the venue. You can also use glass jars with water instead of baskets. This will make sure that the flowers don’t droop and wither even before the event ends.

Set up airy tents if there are no gazebos. Leave the doors and windows wide open if the ceremony is inside a hall. Use minimum decorations. Rely more on flowers, transparent curtains, and fairy lights (at night). Have a basket of hand fans or parasols. Give small gift hampers of sunscreen or sunglasses if the entire event is outdoors.


What more can you try at a summer wedding? Well, how about boho vibes? Dreamcatchers, patterned rugs, fluffy cushions, hippy music, an event that starts at sunset and goes long into the night, relaxed meals with chilled drinks, and loads of laughter. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

No wonder summer weddings have been the first choice for so long. There is much you can try and include in your wedding party and tie them up to the overall theme. The only thing to always remember is to ensure that there is enough shade for you and the guests.



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